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As a full service, portable toilet company, SOS Potty's offers a number of products and services to meet your needs.   Contact us and we will be happy to help you decide on the number, type and placement of restrooms required for your event, as well as the servicing & cleaning schedule.  

Portable Toilets

​The perfect solution from construction job sites, to back yard gatherings, to community events, we offer a variety of portable toilets.

  • Classic Portable Toilets

  • Premier Portable Toilets

  • Handicapped Accessible Portable Toilets

  • Flush-able Portable Toilets

  • Containment Trays... Learn More


Restroom Trailers


Ideal for larger, more formal gatherings such as weddings, family reunions, or neighborhood parties, our restroom trailers will be delivered and set up ready to serve your guests.


  • All flushing toilets

  • Running Water

  • A/C or heat

  • Professionally decorated

  • Men's and Women's rooms separated

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Hand Wash Stations

Twin hand washing stations contribute to the health and safety of your guests.


  • Fully self contained

  • Free standing design

  • Meet vendor needs efficiently

  • Hold ample fresh water

  • Minimizes splash with broad basin area

  • Hand sanitizer dispenser included

  • Paper towel dispenser included


Fresh Water System

Fresh Water and sewage is not always accessible when a job trailer is placed at a work site.  The Fresh Water system can solve those issues.


  • Fully self contained

  • Free standing design

  • Meet vendor needs efficiently

  • 250 gallon Fresh Water tank

  • 250 gallon Sewage tank